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Obtain your Eyelash Certification from The European Lash Studio


Learn the cutting edge techniques used to perform Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts
In this 1-day class we will go over the fundamentals along with tips and tricks you can only learn from an expert


   Part 1: Lash Theory

Part 2: Hands On

If you have ever thought about pursuing a career in the performing eyelash extensions or lash lifts and you are seeking instruction to further push you in the right direction, then contact European Lash Studio. We have been assisting individuals to obtain their eyelash certification and to reach their full potential for many years. We offer eyelash training classes that will go over the fundamentals of eyelash extensions and lash lifts. Our primary goal is to see each person succeed in the art of lashes and help grow the field of experienced technicians. 

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